Jade Solomon Curtis

A dance artist and choreographer, Jade Solomon Curtis integrates classical and African-American vernacular movements with mixed-media and Hip Hop culture. Curtis’ works ponder tradition and reinvention, social justice, social constructs as well as intuition and logic–often resulting in the subversion of an idea. She is the founder of Solo Magic, a non-profit arts initiative collaborating with innovative artists to create socially relevant performances, Activism is the Muse, and the primary subject of an Emmy Award-winning short film, Jade Solomon Curtis.

During her SLIPPAGE residency Curtis explored contemporary dance, innovative technology and Hip Hop cultural influences.

Curtis collaborators included Amber Mayberry (Dance Artist), Alexis “Tilly” Kreuger (Dance Artist), and Daniel Barnes (Visual Director).

Residency Dates: March 17-25, 2019.