SLIPPAGE 2021 Fall Series: Melanie Greene - "Sapphire Universe"

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Melanie Greene

SLIPPAGE is proud to announce an ARTIST TALK at the end of a fall residency!  

Friday, September 17 at 1pm, the SLIPPAGE 2021 Fall Series presents a residency  presentation entitled “Sapphire Universe” from dance artist, writer, and organizer, Melanie  Greene. 

She is a Bessie Award Recipient for Outstanding Performance with Skeleton Architecture. She  is no stranger to swirling on the edge of impossible, swimming in the sea of the minority. She  has presented work in many crevices and corners, and has received generous support from  MANCC, Marble House Project, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Movement Research, Mount  Tremper, New York Live Arts, Gibney Dance, Actors Fund, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dancing  While Black Fellowship, Bogliasco Fellowship, and Brooklyn Arts Council. Greene has  contributed written works to Dance Magazine and the Dance Enthusiast, Routledge Companion  to African American Theatre and Performance, and more! A southern belle Brooklynite trying on  the vibes of the Big Easy, Greene holds a special place for buttery biscuits, country ham, and  collard greens. Stay tuned at 

All events will be in the SLIPPAGE lab, Room 202, Rubenstein Arts Center. All events are free  and open to the public. There will be capacity limits and masking protocols. For more  information email:  


Dance Party

Friday, August 27 | 8-10pm

Music Performance 

Kenneth Stewart: “It’s Always a Ways Away”

Saturday, August 28 | 8pm 

Film Screening

Leslie Cunningham: Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana

Sunday, August 29 | 3pm

Artist Residency Presentation 

Melanie Greene: Sapphire Universe - back home

Friday, September 17 | 1pm

Dance Party

Friday, September 24 | 8-10 pm

Collegium for African Diaspora Dance Research Presentations

Dancing the African Diaspora: Justice Perspectives

Dr. Nyama McCarthy-Brown

Dr. John Perpener 

Saturday, October 2 |11am

Live Podcast

Catch That!: The Evolution of R&B

The R&B Representers (Lamont Stanfield & Alise Leslie)

Saturday October 9 | 8

SLIPPAGE Performances

The Talking Dance Series

Friday, October 29 |12pm & 7pm 

12pm - I am black [you have to be willing to not know] 

 7 pm - White Privilege

Dance Party

Friday October 29 | 8-10pm

SLIPPAGE Performances

The Talking Dance Series

Saturday, October 30 

12pm - I am black [you have to be willing to not know]

7 pm - White Privilege

SLIPPAGE Work in Progress


Friday, November 5 | 8 pm 

Saturday, November 6 | 8pm 


Artist Presentation  

Santron Freeman: “Roots to Rising: A Feature Dancer with the Story of a Feature Film”

Monday, November 8 | 1 pm

Dance Party

Friday, November 26 | 8-10pm

Bass Project Showing: Visualizing Housing Inequality

Thursday, Dec 2 - Sat Dec 4

Thurs 7pm, Fri 12pm & 7pm, Sat 12pm & 7pm


These events are sponsored by SLIPPAGE, the Duke Dance Program, and the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts at Duke.