SLIPPAGE: Pedagogies

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SLIPPAGE supports public presentations about its activities, as well as research-in-progress towards future public showings and publications.

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Dance Festivals

SLIPPAGE supports workshops and artist residencies that draw on its research activities. SLIPPAGE artists also teach through the deployment of archival materials and our interface designs to inspire student artists and researchers towards imaginative vistas for intersections of performance and technology.

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Performance & Technology

Academic coursework in Performance and Technology are at the center of SLIPPAGE’s teaching initiative. The coursework brings together engineering students from Duke's Pratt School of Engineering with humanities and arts students from Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. The popular course includes demonstrations and performance showings in the lab space, as well as public presentations as part of Choreolab, produced by the Duke Dance Program.

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University Choreographies

SLIPPAGE supports the invention of dance theater works for university programs across the country.