SLIPPAGE: Projects

We produce events that support unexpected movements among artist researchers, students, and a curious general public. Conferences, symposia, working groups, and research formations explore what can happen when we look beyond any mainstream of social interaction, to consider activities hidden from general view. Recent SLIPPAGE projects include two iterations of Afro-Feminist Performance Routes, a gathering of Black women artists who work in experimental modes of performance in Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Cuba, and the United States (2016, 2018 and 2020); the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance, a biannual conference of 300 artists|reserachers (2014, 2016, 2018, 2020); Curating for Communities of Color, a working group for funders, presenters, curators, artists, and scholars to acknowledge the particular concerns of audiences and artists of color.

AfroFeminist image

Afro-Feminist Performance Routes

The premise of this project relies on an understanding that Dance Studies and Migration Studies have much to contribute to one another, for both take human movement as their focus of investigation. In this project we center this convergence within African and African Diaspora Studies, acknowledging the many ways in which migration from Africa is not a new phenomena.

black performance theory

Black Performance Theory

The Black Performance Theory working group is an interdisciplinary colloquium and discussion group that assembles a small group of scholar/practitioners working with and through performance to investigate and articulate black performance theory. 


Collegium for African Diaspora Dance

The Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) is an egalitarian community of scholars and artists committed to exploring, promoting, and engaging African diaspora dance as a resource and method of aesthetic identity. 

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Configurations in Motion

This gathering of presenters, performers, scholars, curators, and managers examines how their work can focus on the involvement, investment, and creative growth of people of color. Over two days, participants share their work and insights to produce focused thinking about the future of live art/performance/performing arts curation, with special attention to communities of African, Caribbean, and Latin@ interests.

SLIPPAGE Residency Project: Experimental Black Art and Social Justice

Slippage affiliates are invited to engage two-week residencies at the laboratory.  Resident affiliates are granted housing for up to four collaborators, local transportation, all food and supplies, and a small creation honorarium.